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Mixed Use Downtown


Designed Fall 2021

       Casa Tome, the Home of Literature, is a mixed-use building placed downtown Fargo, North Dakota. This building sticks to a traditional downtown facade of 50', by adding transitions interior and exterior spaces were created that are as unique as the building.

       The ground level and second floor are dedicated to commercial spaces and are utilized as a bike rental shop, material market to assist Renaissance Hall of North Dakota State University next door, a coffee and wine bar, meeting space, library and game room.

       The exterior of the building features sidewalks for easy accessibility to Renaissance Hall and neighboring businesses to the East of the parking lot, a living sound barrier to help with the train on the south end of the site, and a patio for bar seating. 

Floors three to five are divided into residential units for student housing. 

     This project was made with Revit & Lumion. I became very familiar with Revit families throughout this project, as well as, Adobe Premier & Lumion's video capabilities

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