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Olive Garden

August 2016- January 2018


Many businesses strive for well dressed and tidy employees, the Olive Garden is no exception. Many people have opinions on how its not, but Olive Garden does strive to be a nice destination. Whether a couple is coming into celebrate an anniversary, or a family celebrating a birthday they are treated as family at the Olive Garden


After reading the appearance tab one may put together that attitude is everything at the Olive Garden. Respect and curtesy are expected everywhere but with the slogan to treat guests as family, its taken to a new level. Each new guest 21+ is offered a wine sample or whatever they choose, welcoming them in and making them comfortable immediately. 


Each guest is having their own version of today so I always make it a mission to make their version a small part of mine. As a server at the Olive Garden I was responsible for bring drinks, appetizers, soup, salad, entrees, desert, tab and mints to each table. All while timing the food to be ready when I believe they will want it, getting to know them and making that experience special for them. 

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