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This project was a class urban planning assignment under Paul Gleye of North Dakota State University. As a studio we were tasked with creating a vision for Sheyenne St and Main Ave in West Fargo, ND. The final vision includes numerous community spaces, mixed use buildings, parks, and a visitors center. 

WF Rendernew - Photo_4 - Photo.jpg
WF Rendernew - Photo_2 - Photo.jpg

Our main focuses on a successful downtown included: developing parks and green spaces, recapturing alleys, enhancing the city at night, facilitating wayfinding, emphasizing human scale, prioritizing street trees, encouraging public art, and fostering a happy city.

A full video tour is available

WF Render_3 - Photo.jpg

Alley revitalization encourages people to utilize existing and often overlooked areas. Often starting as pedestrian streets for public gatherings, alleys have now advanced as tools to boost businesses, encourage community development, and provide environmental benefits while promoting green strategies in a city.

The addition of green spaces in a city promotes active and healthy lifestyles, strengthens the local economy, and increases community engagement. 

In the works already in West Fargo is the take over of an old Bell Bank to be a new Junkyard Brewery. The renovation of the development called for changing the overall bank look and feel. This includes a change of exterior materials, adding western windows for more light, and the addition of exterior seating areas on the first and second floors. 

A covered patio area on the first floor was added that is accessible via garage doors on the southern wall and a double door in the back. The roof of the extending portion was turned into an outdoor seating area for the second floor with a fire escape stair leading to the alley behind the building.

Team 2 Render of Atrium.2.png

The Atrium along Sheyenne Street serves as a wayfinding landmark both during
the day and at night. The interior provides connection to multiple commercial
spaces and centralizes downtown activity into one corridor. It also connects the
mixed-use commercial building to the green space off of Sheyenne Street.

The commercial development features a façade inspired by the historic buildings
present in many downtowns, with different styles creating visual interest along the
block. A mix of diverse local shops and restaurants helps contribute to the idea of
downtown as a cultural core.

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