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Stone Group Architects

Architectural Intern

Summer 2022

Stone group works with the Veterans Association on many of their projects. The VA has extra requirements beyond the IBC with an extra focus on accessibility.

I was able to assist on a 4th floor remodel for a VA clinic in Columbia, Missouri. Working on this project I learned how to access resources from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and how to accurately apply them. Resources such as exam room layouts, equipment guides, special ADA requirements & preferred material choices. 

I practiced specification writing utilizing the Technical Information Library through the U.S. Department of Affairs. This was my first encounter with specifications and felt it was incredibly beneficial to see the written portion of architecture and how it translates to consultants. 

Detailing is one of my favorite aspects of architecture and I was able to practice this in tangent with keynotes. I never knew where keynotes got their information from, but I was able to learn how to access the text file and translate what I was putting into drawings.  Learning the keynote process helped me connect specification writing with equipment guides and code requirements. 

Utilizing the IBC & past projects as examples I learned to put together life safety plans and fill in code sheets. I worked on preparing sheets in Revit with correct schedules, keys, and legends.  

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