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Pierre Koenig

Pierre Koenig is a very well-known architect for the design of the Bailey House and Stahl house, Model homes #21 & #22. These homes are popular because of their relationship to nature and the way it influenced architecture. Living 1925 to 2004, Koenig completed a 4-year tour in WWII before receiving a bachelor degree in architecture. In 1964 began teaching at University of Southern California where he stayed until passing from leukemia.

Model Home #21, the Bailey House utilizes steel and glass to capture views of the landscape. It was built in 1958 and sold for 3 million dollars in 2006. Visitors are drawn in by a number of dramatic details including: a 60 ft reflecting pond, steel decking, and an all-glass wall. Almost every room connects to the exterior by sliding glass doors creating harmony with the interior. Koenig worked with a philosophy of functionality and honesty in aesthetics and that is reflected in the Bailey house. Koenig achieved a complex design that is represented in a simple form.

Model house #22, the Stahl house has been featured in many movies, tv shows, and even was replicated in the video game Grand Theft Auto in 2004, they year of his death.

Incredibly iconic and famous the Stahl house was built in 1959 for a man named Buck Stahl and his family. The home is on a dramatic and difficult site and overlooks Los Angeles from Hollywood Hills. Stahl had originally begun construction on his own before turning to Koenig for help. Views are designed around the path one is taken on through the home. The home wasn't noticed until 1960 when it was photographed with two women and the lights of Los Angeles in the background. It then became one of the most visited Architectual work.

Pierre Koenig last work wasn't completed until after his death in 2004 by his partner James Taylor and the owner Michael LaFetra. Composed of cement, steel, glass, and features sustainable building strategies.

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