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LA vs Arch

I began taking classes at north Dakota state university pretty normally. Except I was twenty-one years old and still not quite sure I was making the right choice. After taking all of the environmental design pre-reqs, applications came. I applied for Architecture and Landscape architecture. Not knowing for sure which I would want but betting that I would figure it out by the end of the summer.. That, or the latter, be denied by one or the other.

I was accepted into both as I have the worst (best?) luck. I spontaneously chose Landscape Architecture. With not my favorite teacher and a newly distanced zoom class, I was unhappy at the end of the semester. I started emailing my woody landscapes teacher, asking about green design and self-sufficiency. I decided I was probably in the wrong major and also spontaneously began the process to switch.

My advisor claimed I was the first to do it in the middle of the year. That still seems weird to me, but I've never been a trailblazer before. Technology class was the weirdest transition. I had been working on completely different programs than the architecture students. I like to think I caught on quick, but I still don't feel super confident with any programs. It was a little easier to 'fake it until I make it' while on zoom.

Two semesters later and I am still on zoom and regret switching just a little. I know I won't regret it in the long run, I really enjoy architecture. I think I just miss focusing on the plants and gardens for more time. I have a good feeling I will be able to create a building with an awesome garden this year though, and that will satisfy that. looking at the picture above compared to the one below, my technology skills have adapted better than I think. This year my plants wont have to look like stickers!

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