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Writing a Blog

I began writing a blog for an English class at North Dakota State University. Initially I liked the assignment and have continued to enjoy it since. Blog posts have given me a reason to research things I may not otherwise and expand on knowledge I already do have. I have always enjoyed writing and this gives me an outlet to do that and share it.

Being a busy college student that works part time I find myself running everywhere and rushing everything I do. Blog posts are a reason for me to slow down and think. I never considered that I would enjoy posting on a personal blog. I am a fairly quiet person that keeps majority of thoughts to myself, but I feel I may continue to add to this blog without the class. It is easy to 'double-dip' blog posts with other assignments, building reviews are a good way to discover case studies and learn dos and don'ts of Architecture. I tend to randomly look into things and then forget about them, here I have a place to organize thoughts and random knowledge.

There aren't any blogs that I frequently read. I believe blogs should be written for oneself versus publicity, although, I know that some blogs are very popular and frequented by many. I considered a major that involved creative writing and could see myself potentially doing something with it in the future. Having this blog gives me a place to improve and practice writing skills.

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